How FAST does STRESS Away® work?

    Most people feel the effectiveness within the first day of use.

How does STRESS Away® work?

    STRESS Away® promotes relaxation without drowsiness. It works to gently to calm tension by improving the circulation, thereby relaxing the muscles, neck and shoulders.

Will STRESS Away® aid insomnia (sleeplessness)?

    Yes. Most people sleep better when relaxed. STRESS Away® promotes the relaxation of the body for a better nights rest.

What is the difference between Kava and STRESS Away® ?

    Kava is an herb that has anxiolytic sedative properties and effects the central nervous system (CNS). Since Kava can influence motor skills, it is advised to not use Kava when driving.

    Unlike Kava, STRESS Away® does not target the CNS and is non-sedative (non-drowsy). Because it relaxes tension without drowsiness, STRESS Away® can be taken throughout the day.

Is STRESS Away® habit forming?

    No. STRESS Away® is not habit forming.

When should I take STRESS Away®?

    Since STRESS Away® is not a sedative herbal formula, it can be taken whenever you need the formula for natural support.


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