When will I feel the difference with Monthly Relief®?

    For PMS, women can feel the difference within 1-2 days. For Menopause, women can feel a gradual improvement of their condition within the first week. Because of the gentle nature of the formula, Monthly Relief® gradually improves and balances women's health condition.

How does Monthly Relief® work?

    Rather than targeting each individual discomfort, Monthly Relief® works holistically to address the underlying hormonal imbalance and discomforts. Monthly Relief® helps to harmonize the hormones, to clear blood stagnation, to reenergize the body, and to restore balance.

What is Dong Quai and is it a safe herb?

    Dong Quai is safe in Chinese herbal formulas. Dong Quai is an herb that has plant estrogen hormone qualities. Like all plant hormones, single extracts of Dong Quai should be taken in low dosages.

What is the difference between Black Cohosh and Monthly Relief®?

    Black cohosh has plant estrogen hormone qualities and is believed to be a natural hormone replacement. Because it loses its effectiveness with frequent use, black cohosh should be limited to six months of use.

    Unlike black cohosh, Monthly Relief® is a Chinese herbal formula that can be taken as a daily supplement. More than a natural hormone, Monthly Relief® acts quickly to address the underlying conditions of hormonal imbalance and rejuvenate the body.

Are there any side effective with Monthly Relief®?

    Monthly Relief® is a natural herbal formula based on 5,000 years of safe and effective herbal use. Unlike Western combination herbs, Chinese herbs have a time tested history of safe and effective use.

Should Monthly Relief® be taken during a cycle?

    No. Monthly Relief®, a Dong Quai formula, should be discontinued during a cycle. During a cycle, it is best to limit the intake of herbs and foods that have plant estrogen hormones.

Can I take Monthly Relief® with my vitamins?

    Yes. Monthly Relief® can be taken with other vitamin supplements.


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