How FAST does Lax Away® work?

    Lax Away® will work within the first day of using the formula. However, Lax Away® can take up to two days - for those who have weak bowels from using purgative medications or herbs like Senna.

How does Lax Away® work?

    Unlike purgatives that weaken the bowel and cause lost of intestinal muscle tone, Lax Away® gently cleanses and lubricates the intestines, to unblock the bowel, and strengthens the intestinal tract.

    Without dependency, Lax Away® addresses the underlying conditions to improve intestinal health.

Will Lax Away® cause discomfort like FIBER?

    No. Fiber expands into bulk forcing bowel movement. For many, fiber can be bulky and cause irritation in the intestine.

    Lax Away® has NO fiber. Rather than forcing bowel movement, Lax Away® gently lubricates the intestine for regularity.

Will Lax Away® support hemorrhoids?

    Yes. Hemorrhoids are inflammation in the colon, which cause painful elimination. Since Lax Away® lubricates the intestine, it protects the colon. Without aggravating the inflammation, Lax Away® gently aids regularity.

What is the difference between Lax Away® and herbs like Senna, Cascara Sagrada and Buckthorn?

    Research on herbs like Senna, Cascara Sagrada, and Buckthorn indicate these herbs are purgatives. Purgatives stimulate the intestines and flush the digestive system. This flushing can cause nutritional deficiently, intestinal damage, lost of muscle tone, and injury the nerve of the colon. It is advised to use purgatives sparingly.

    Moreover, herbs like, senna, cascara sagrada, and buckthorn are habit forming. These herbs are not recommended for long term use.

    Unlike purgatives, Lax Away® is not habit-forming.

    Lax Away® is a gentle herbal formula that lubricates for regularity rather than flushing.

Is Lax Away® habit forming?

    No. Lax Away® aids regularity without dependency.

When can I take Lax Away®?

    Lax Away® can be taken after meals with a warm glass of water. For morning bowel movement, Lax Away® can be taken before bedtime.



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