Have you ever felt the bloating discomforts from Fiber or Senna? Did you know that Fiber expands into bulk to force bowel movement, which may be the culprit for the bloating? Did you know that Senna and other stimulants purge the intestine, which can cause the lost of muscle tone and lead to dependency?

Are you looking for a solution without the discomfort and risk of dependency? Lax Away®, a Chinese herbal remedy, provides gentle daily regularity without dependency.

Lax Away® is an all natural, safe and effective Chinese herbal formula based on 5,000 years of Chinese herbal use. It is a herbal remedy that promotes regularity and eases the discomforts associated with irregular elimination, constipation, sluggish bowel movement, hemorrhoids and irritable bowels.

Without the discomforts of fiber or purgatives, Lax Away® works holistically to lubricate the intestines, normalize the digestive system and support the bowels.

Dependable and non-habit forming, Lax Away® is gentle enough for DAILY use and aids long term intestinal health.


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