How FAST does Head Relief® work?

    For tension, sinus, and cold headaches, Head Relief® works quickly to soothe discomforts. For migraines, Head Relief® is best used preventively to gently address the root of the imbalance. For optimal migraines support use continuously for one month or more.

How does Head Relief® work?

    Head Relief®, a Chinese Herbal Formula, clears the underlying conditions of headaches and migraines by normalizing the circulation to unblock passages and soothe the head.

What herbs are in Head Relief®?

    Head Relief® is a Standardized extract formula with herbs like Mint, Ligusticum Chuang-xiong, Cyperus and other Chinese herbs. Mint has properties that clear the head. Ligusticum Chuang-xiong is a Chinese herb that promotes the circulation and Cyperus assists to balance the body.

Will Head Relief® support headaches during a cold?

    Yes. For head cold discomforts, Head Relief® quickly soothes the discomforts and strengthens the body’s immunity.

Will Head Relief® support PMS headaches?

    Yes. Head Relief® will aid the PMS headache. However, PMS headaches stem from hormonal imbalances. In such instances, Monthly Relief® may work more quickly, since the origin of the condition is hormone related.

How should Head Relief® be taken for migraine support?

    For migraines, Head Relief® is best used preventively, rather than at the onset of migraines. Since migraines are deep-rooted conditions, treating the disorder will take time. For migraines, Head Relief® is best used as a daily supplement to gently clear the disorder. For optimal effectiveness, Head Relief® should be used continuously for a duration - a month or more.

What is the difference between Feverfew and Head Relief®?

    Feverfew is an herb that effects the central nervous system. It is believed to act as a serotonin antagonist, which may assist with pain relief. Feverfew requires months of trial use and only helps one out of every eight people.

    Unlike Feverfew, Head Relief® does not target the central nervous system, rather it works holistically to stregthen the body, normalize the circulation to unblock passages and clear the head.

Can I take Head Relief® with my vitamins?

    Yes. Head Relief® can be taken with other vitamin supplements.


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