How FAST does Gastro Ease® work?

    Gastro Ease® will work immediately. Most people will feel the effectiveness within 20 - 30 minutes.

How does Gastro Ease® work?

    Gastro Ease® is a fast acting Chinese herbal formula that soothe the digestive system, works with the endocrine to stimulate the digestion, protects the stomach, clears intestinal gas, and revitalizes the digestive tract.

Will Gastro Ease® aid lactose intolerance?

    Yes. Taken before a meal, Gastro Ease® has herbs that naturally normalize digestion.

Will Gastro Ease® aid bloating from overeating?

    Yes. Gastro Ease® has herbs like citrus rind, which clears food stagnation and and boosts the metabolism.

Can Gastro Ease® help with fatigue after meals?

    Yes. Fatigue after meals is an indication of sluggish digestion. Sluggish digestion drains energy from the rest of the body and causes fatigue. Gastro Ease® strengthens and normalizes the digestive tract.

What is the difference between an Antacid and Gastro Ease®?

    Although Antacids give temporary relief by masking the problem, they are not intended for long term use. Indeed, antacids sometimes aggravate some ailments. Moreover, antacids contribute to the depletion of calcium. Unlike Antacids, Gastro Ease® naturally strengthens the digestive process for long term healthy digestion.

What herbs are in Gastro Ease®?

    Gastro Ease® is a safe and effective formula with common herbs like ginger, licorice, and citrus rind and other Chinese herbs.

    Ginger is a well known herb that has aided digestion for thousands of years. Ginger is traditionally used to soothe indigestion and to dissipate gas. Licorice is another herb that has a long historic medicinal use as a demulcent herb. Licorice promotes the healing of peptic, gastric and duodenal ulcers. Citrus rind stimulates the digestion and aids the metabolism.

Can I take Gastro Ease® with my vitamins?

    Yes. Gastro Ease®can be taken with other vitamin supplements.

Can I take Gastro Ease® with my enzymes?

    Yes. Enzymes are helpful for short term digestion; and Gastro Ease® normalize the digestive tract for the long term.


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