• Strict quality control standards, from raw herbs to tamper resistant bottle
  • Researched formulation on herbal efficacy
  • Contains no preservative, artificial colors, or flavors.
  • Integrity in our product
Through modern decoction extraction process, we offer standardized extracts that deliver :
  • Laboratory tested standard herbal activity
  • Consistent potency in every dose
Although a whole herb has thousands of botanical activities, most Extracts on the market standardized to a single botanical activity.

Our Food-Based Herb Extracts are :

  • Extracted in their wholeness - capturing all botanical activities
  • Extracted without chemicals or solvents
  • Whole herbs - natural for the body
  • Gentle - can be prepared as tea
To ensure quality, our herbs are phytochemically analyzed before extraction.

Unlike most Extracts on the market, Neo • Concept® formulations are extracted with modern decoction extraction process. In a controlled environment, decoction extraction combines blended herbs in a aqueous solution, to extract all botanical essences.

This extraction process chemically infuse the herbs into a concentrate, which forms a synergized herbal compound. Each extract then goes through laboratory analysis, before encapsulation.


  • Fast Acting Formulas
  • Functional - Easy to identify formulas
  • Decocted Standardized Extracts of Synergized Herbs
  • Convenient delivery in concentrated capsules
  • Versatility to take as tea or capsules