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  • teams up with Neo•Concept to introduce Chinese herbs

    September, 1999 • CONCORD, MA and Neo•Concept united their efforts to introduce ancient Chinese herbs and healing on the internet. an internet retailer, located in Concord, MA, developed, “The China Odyssey” to offer an online travel tour of China and explore the many aspects of Chinese Herbal Medicine, from the history of medicine to present day practices. To learn more about Chinese Herbal Medicine visit China Odyssey at

  • Neo•Concept and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy collaborate research efforts

    June, 1999 • BOSTON, MA
    BMK International, parent company of Neo•Concept, announces their alliance with the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences Clinical pharmacology department to develop a study on use of Chinese herbal remedies and medications. This study is the first of its kind to be conducted in the US.

  • Neo•Concept supports the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation

    May, 1999 • NATICK, MA
    The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism has its first annual road race benefit at the Marino Lookout Farm in Natick. Sponsored by Neo•Concept, Marino Alternative Health Center, Fleet Bank, and Dolphin Seafood, over 5,000 runners are expected to participate in the charity run. Local celebrities scheduled to run in the event include, champion runner Bill Rodgers, Doug Flutie, and members of the Patriot football team.

  • Top Medical Center recommends Neo•Concept formulas

    May, 1999 • CINCINNATI, OH
    Alliance Integrative Medical Center now recommends Neo•Concept Chinese Remedies in their center. Medical director, Dr. Amoils has found excellent results with Neo•Concept
    Aller Relief and has integrated Neo•Concept® formulas into the centers practice.

    Alliance Integrative Medical Center is affiliated with Health Alliance, a conglomerate of four major hospital, [The Christ Hospital, Jewish Hospital, St. Luke Hospitals, University Hospital], with 150 primary care physicians, over 1000 Physicians and Surgeons specialist, and affiliated to the University of Cincinnati Medical School. Recently the center was voted one of the top six holistic medical centers in the US. [see New Age Magazine, May/June 1999]

  • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy provides CE on Chinese Herbal Therapy for Menopause

    May, 1999 • BOSTON, MA
    The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy of Allied Health Sciences (MCP) offers a continuing education program for pharmacist on "Chinese herbal therapy for Menopause." Sponsored by BMK International, the parent company of Neo•Concept Chinese Herbal Remedies , this is first MCP program on Chinese herbal therapy. “Pharmacist desperately need to be educated about alternative therapies, for patient care and MCP is leading the pharmacy field to fill in the gap.” said founders of Neo•Concept®.

    The program is approved by the American Pharmacist Association. It is open to pharmacist, physicians and health care professionals across the US. MCP is one of the top pharmacy schools in the US and is located in the heart of Boston's prestigious Longwood medical research center.

  • Gynecologist cured by Chinese Medicine

    March, 1999 • USA
    Prevention Magazine, America’s top health publication, reports on Traditional Chinese Medicine. “Discover the Healing Power of Chinese Medicine,” shares gynecologist, Sharon Sanders’s story on how Chinese Medicine cured her fibroids and gives us a brief overview about this ancient practice of medicine. [see Prevention , March 1999]

  • Chinese Therapies on the Radio Waves

    January, 1999 • FRAMINGHAM, MA
    Boston radio listeners can now listen to the latest medical news and health alternatives each weekday morning. From seven to nine, radio show host, Frankie Boyer accompanies Bostonian to work on WRPT 650 AM, with the Health and Fitness Show. Once a week, the founder of Neo•Concept Chinese Herbs, joins the show to discuss Chinese herbs, healing, and heath.

  • Pharmacists learn about Chinese Herbal Medicine

    November, 1998 • WESTBOROUGH, MA
    With standing room only, pharmacists from New England [New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont] gathered at Westborough, MA to participate in a CE program on Chinese Herbal Medicine. Organized by the Massachusetts Pharmacist Association and conducted by the herbal chairman of the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA). The program was sponsored by the BMK International, the parent company of Neo•Concept. BMK International works closely with physicians, clinics, and institutions to offer their expertise in Chinese herbal medicine to the medical field.

  • JAMA concluded Chinese Herbal Therapy Effective

    November, 1998 • NEW YORK, NY
    The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), published the initial results of a study that found Chinese herbal medicine effective for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a disease incurable by conventional therapies. [see JAMA , November 1998]

  • Harvard Vanguard implements Chinese Acupuncture

    February, 1998 • CAMBRIDGE, MA
    Acupuncture will be a new treatment offered to Harvard Vanguard patients at the HMO’s Cambridge and Burlington clinic locations. Licensed acupuncturist will be on staff for patient referrals. Acupuncture is a discipline of Chinese Medicine that dates back over 2,000 years ago. Part of the integrated medical system in Asia, acupuncture was approved by the NIH as a safe and effective medical procedure in 1997.

  • NIH declares Acupuncture Effective

    November, 1997 • WASHINGTON, DC
    Acupuncture received the stamp of approval by the National Institute of Health (NIH). After 20 years of research, NIH announced that acupuncture is a proven effective medical therapy for pain and women’s health. Moreover, NIH has requested the medical community to conduct further studies for treatment of other diseases and conditions.

    Acupuncture is an accepted medical practice in Asia. It is part of an integrated program under Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes : acupuncture, herbal therapy, acupressure, Qi gong, and dietary therapy.

  • 200 Million treated with Chinese Medicine

    August, 1997 • BEIJING, CHINA

    A survey conducting by the Peoples Republic of China government in 1995 found over 200 million patients were treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, at county level hospitals. The study concluded, over 80% of the out patients received Chinese herbal therapy, and 10% of patients received acupuncture.