What is a standardized herb?

    Standardize refers to a standard measurement to ensure consistent herbal potency. Presently, there are two established criterias to standardize herbs :

    • Single extract herbs are standardized to one botanical constituent.
    • Chinese herbal remedies are standardized to multiple botanical constituents.

Are Neo•Concept® extracts processed differently than other herbal products?

    Most herbs on the market are processed in a cold press with solvents and chemicals. Neo•Concept® Chinese herbs are Food-Based Extracts that are processed in water, without solvents or chemicals. Food-based extracts ensure wholeness and are more gentle for the body.

Are Chinese herbal remedies effective?

    Based on the practice of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal remedies have a long history of effective use. Over a quarter of the world population uses Chinese herbal remedies. In recent years, many well known pharmaceutical companies have established research centers in China.

What is the difference between a Neo•Concept® formula and other combination formulas?

    Among the innumerable differences, there are two crucial distinctions that distinguishes Neo•Concept® herbal remedies.

    First, most combination products on the market formulate herbs based on their popularity, rather than on their combined efficacy. At Neo•Concept
    ®, we adhere to the strict formulary guidlines of Chinese herbal medicine, based on the 5,000 years of safe and effective clinical use. This ensures efficacy in every Neo•Concept® product.

    Second, most combination products process herbs individually and combine the herbs prior to encapsulation. This method of manufacturing varies the consistency of herbs in each capsule. Unlike most products, Neo•Concept
    ® formulas are manufactured in a modern decoction extract process, which ensures 100% synergized herbal consistency in each capsule.

Do Neo•Concept® herbal remedies contain any additives?

    No. Neo•Concept® herbal remedies are 100% herbal extract encapsulated in gelatin. All remedies are FREE of additives, artificial color, preservatives, sugar, wheat, eggs, dairy, gluten, and soy.

Some Neo•Concept® formula contain Licorice. Can the Licorice in the formulas effect blood pressure?

    Neo•Concept® formulas are safe to use without increasing blood pressure. Research indicates, high doses of single extract Licorice may increase blood pressure. Since Neo•Concept® formulas contain low quantities of Chinese licorice and are used in combination, they are generally safe for use.