Neo•Concept® bridges East and West by marrying ancient healing practices with modern science. With over 20 years in the medical field, the founders of Neo•Concept® offer you safe and effective, laboratory tested, quality herbal products that you can trust.

    The founders have worked numerous years in Asia, where Chinese herbal medicine and conventional medicine are integrated.

    Their knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine comes from a long tradition. Following their ancestors footstep, the founders have worked numerous years in Asia, in the field of pharmaceuticals and Chinese herbs. Their work experience, has given them the opportunity to work with hospitals and clinics, as well as, Chinese doctors and pharmacists.

    More recently, the founders have authored numerous publications in medical journals, health and womens magazines, as well as lectured around the country on Chinese herbs and natural healing.

    The founders of Neo•Concept® are dedicated to integrating Chinese herbal remedies into the health field.

    We believe there is a wealth of knowledge in natural remedies that deliver safe and effective treatment. As conventional practice races to collect and record this knowledge, what is indisputable and historically proven is that people have benefited from this knowledge and are living proof that natural remedies are a proven alternative.

    History has demonstrated, that nature holds the key to well-being. Traditional methods of healing can help us live longer and healthier. At Neo•Concept®, we aim to provide safe and effective natural alternatives for prevention, maintenance, and health.

    At Neo•Concept® we are committed to the integration of traditional knowledge and modern science to offer you natural solutions for your health, maintenance and longevity.

    By bridging East and West, we work closely with institutions to provide our expertise on Chinese herbal therapies to the medical field. As a leader in the industry, Neo•Concept® is setting the standard for Chinese herbal remedies in the US.